Immersion during expanded role training

Do you dream of working in Quebec’s Far North? You’ve come to the right place! MON+ offers expanded role training for nurses. If you still have any doubts about your project and want to be reassured, stay with us! We’ll take you on a complete immersion tour! Your first day You’ve taken the plunge and … Read more

Jessica’s adventure in Patagonia

MON+ is proud to be a partner of the Centre Terre association, dedicated to speleology. Jessica, a nurse on our team, came on board for an exceptional expedition to Chilean Patagonia. To begin with, this expedition is called “Ultima Patagonia”. It is being carried out in collaboration with the Chilean authorities, French and international universities … Read more

What is neuro-training?

The human brain is one of the most complex systems in our body! Throughout our lives, we are confronted with different situations, relationships and expectations that often leave deep traces. Sometimes even unconsciously in our neurological system. But have you ever heard of neuro-training? This practice, imported from Australia, uses specific techniques to help us … Read more