Jessica’s adventure in Patagonia


MON+ is proud to be a partner of the Centre Terre association, dedicated to speleology. Jessica, a nurse on our team, came on board for an exceptional expedition to Chilean Patagonia. To begin with, this expedition is called “Ultima Patagonia”. It is being carried out in collaboration with the Chilean authorities, French and international universities and the French Speleology Federation. The expedition began at the end of January, and we’re going to tell you all about it!

Nurse with patient
Ultima Patagonia 2023

Patagonia in all its splendour

First of all, Patagonia is a region of southern South America shared by Argentina and Chile. It’s famous for its rugged mountains, turquoise lakes, glaciers and vast meadows. The climate is harsh, with strong winds, high rainfall and low temperatures. But these extreme conditions didn’t faze our adventurer, who was determined to enjoy the region’s natural beauty!

Exploration objectives

The Ultima Patagonia 2023 expedition has several objectives, such as exploring the marble caves on Madre de Dios Island, discovering glacial cavities on the Campo de Hielo Sur (the second largest continental glacier after Antarctica) and identifying the flora and fauna of Madre de Dios Island. More than 40 professionals make up the team! Speleologists, scientists, divers, photographers and videographers live together in complete autonomy for two months.

The logbook

Having weighed anchor, the explorers are now engaged in a variety of activities. They discover caves and underground galleries, such as the Pirates’ Cave, where samples have been taken for bacteriological analysis. They study cave topography, glacier immersion and animal biodiversity. The team also had the opportunity to survey a wall of giant grooves not far from Guarello, on the island of Madre de Dios!

The expedition diary is regularly updated on the website. Follow the expedition in real time to find out more!

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Photos de l’aventure de Jessica en Patagonie